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The letter I wrote to my congressmen

Regarding the Syrian Issue

Whether or not to possibly lead to war is a complicated issue. I hope it is something you would consider very carefully before voting yes or no. The morality of either choice is vague, due to the complexity of the question. I don’t know how foreign affairs go but I would hope there is some other option than a military strike. There must be some other way, like crippling them economically or something. I would hope you would exhaust all possibilities before turning to an airstrike.

The morality of the issue is very ambiguous in this situation. The US is used to be cast in the role of the bully in this day and age. No other country seems willing to stop the threat of a terrible new level of warfare (perhaps not new but certainly more common). I agree the US should do something, after all if we don’t know one else will. Either way, if we act or if we don’t, we are going to get blamed horribly for what ensues (how fair is that?). So vote the moral way, whichever way that is for you- taking into account the opinions you have no doubt received from many other Marylanders.

I hope you won’t vote if there is a chance of soldiers actually going over the Syria, which would be taking this too far. The US can’t be responsible for the whole world all the time, at such a cost to our soldiers.


Stupid Roommate

My roommate is of severely below average intelligence. I have not known that many dumb people in my life. I have gone to private schools most my life where all the dumb ones leave or flunk out. Now I am in college and apparently here is where the dumb people reside. I have never met so many dumb asses in my life! I mean its college, people here should be smarter than the ones I went to high school with but it's just not true. Maybe it's only true for state schools, or something. Still it is ridiculous, also since this school is listed as "selective". Which is completely false. 

Anyway back to the roommate thing. I can't say I dislike her as a person, she nice and all. She is just a terrible person to have to live with (as are my other roommates- though the only thing I have against them is that they seem incapable of cleaning their own dishes). 

1. She is stupid, like really dumb.
2. She stays up late being loud, which is super annoying.
3. Not only does she stay up late but she gets up early and takes a shower between 6am- 8am, when I am still trying to sleep. My bedroom is right next to the shower and so not only does she not let me sleep at night but forces me to get up early too. Major jackass. 
4. She complains about us not cleaning up after ourselves but then never cleans up after herself. I admit we are all hypocritical at times but this one super annoys me.
5. She is one of those people that has to blare their music whether others want to hear it or not. I think that forcing your music on other people, when they don't want it, is just about one of the worst, legal, things a person can do. I absolutely hate being forced to listen to other peoples music. I notice this happens a lot in college. Mostly by the stupid people.
6. SHE PEES ON THE TOILET SEAT AND DOESN'T CLEAN IT UP! I mean come on, really? I would understand if she was drunk or a dude, but she's just stupid. I think it would actually be more work to pee on the toilet seat than not, as a chick. I really really hate it.

If I think up more I will be back. Mostly I am just really peeved because it sucks being stuck with this kind of roommate. Only a few more weeks and then I am free of any kind of on-campus housing and that is a real blessing. 


New Celebrity Crush: Jason Segel

So freaking cute. I adore him. I just started watching How I Met Your Mother. It has three of awesome actors I like in it, so I decided to go mainstream. (Alyson Hannigan, Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris) It awesome, no wonder everyone likes it. I am disinclined to like what everyone else likes because it all turns into CSI, and I hate that crap.

Anyway Jason Segel = adorable as shit

Back up plan: Go Lesbian 



"LB: In addition to international conspiracy, intrigue, academia, mystery, murder, and awesome travelogue, there is also a very refreshing take on friendship and romance. On the blog, Phangirl27 perfectly articulated the question I wanted to ask you when she posited, “It seems like everything is a cliché nowadays, particularly when it comes to romance in novels. How do you avoid clichés?”

Do I? I certainly hope so.  I think there’s a difference between clichéd language—which is easily avoided (or used consciously to your advantage), if you’re diligent—and clichéd plot/character, which can be much harder to avoided.  And maybe even impossible since, for example, how many different kinds of romances are there to write? I think the best way to avoid seemingclichéd is to try to stay away from generalities and make your characters as specific as possible. For example, in the first draft of The Book of Blood and Shadow, Adriane was just your ‘typical’ kind of bitchy, kind of ditzy best friend—which made her hard to like, and also hard to see as a real person.  Similarly, in the first draft, the friendship between Nora and Chris is pretty generic. They could be any two people hanging out, and the only reason you know they care about each other is because the author tells you so.  I think specifics save you from all that, most of all when you’re writing about two people falling in love. Because the structure of every romance may be the same—and may be a cliché—but the details of two individuals connecting over their shared weirdnesses? That’s got infinite possibility."

That is a very good answer. I have to say, I personally have a real problem with it in my writing. It seems like everything has been done a million times before and each romance is just another cliche. There are many authors out there who do have almost cliche romances. Such as the one Cybele's Secret by Juliet Marillier (one of my favourite books I just can't stop re-reading). Her romance is a triangle between a young woman, a dashing pirate and her bodyguard. Definitely sounds like a cliche. But the journey in the story is very much not a cliche, which in turn causes the romance to not be a cliche. I also think Robin Wasserman is right, the specific characters really do make a difference. Characterizing characters may seem obvious but if they are generic then that is what makes them cliched. Everyone has their own little ticks and hypocrisy's no one is a single character type (e.g. jock, nerd, etc.) This is definitely something I strive for in my writing and in the future I will pay particular attention to.

My New TV Obsession

I have never enjoyed crime shows. I think that they are stupid and when you have seen one you have seen them all. Psych, however, is gloriously hilarious. Shawn Spencer not only solves crimes but does outrageously hilarious shenanigans to get to the end conclusion, all while having perfect hair with exactly the right length of sideburns. His goofy attitude and amazing hair is exactly what more shows need.  


Live Journal

I have technically been a member of this site for years, yet I have never truely used it. I am still unsure of how to navigate it....