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The letter I wrote to my congressmen

Regarding the Syrian Issue

Whether or not to possibly lead to war is a complicated issue. I hope it is something you would consider very carefully before voting yes or no. The morality of either choice is vague, due to the complexity of the question. I don’t know how foreign affairs go but I would hope there is some other option than a military strike. There must be some other way, like crippling them economically or something. I would hope you would exhaust all possibilities before turning to an airstrike.

The morality of the issue is very ambiguous in this situation. The US is used to be cast in the role of the bully in this day and age. No other country seems willing to stop the threat of a terrible new level of warfare (perhaps not new but certainly more common). I agree the US should do something, after all if we don’t know one else will. Either way, if we act or if we don’t, we are going to get blamed horribly for what ensues (how fair is that?). So vote the moral way, whichever way that is for you- taking into account the opinions you have no doubt received from many other Marylanders.

I hope you won’t vote if there is a chance of soldiers actually going over the Syria, which would be taking this too far. The US can’t be responsible for the whole world all the time, at such a cost to our soldiers.